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“Be bold. Be you.”

Just like MERS, and it’s soul partners. MERS’S recurrent theme in jewelry reflects on its creator’s two personalities; Meral Tahincioglu Peltekçi and Aylin Tahincioglu. Two bold personas charged with freedom, creativity and flair.

MERS wanted to introduce its brand to the online world and sell their products online. Their old website didn’t capture their brand identity. Old web design was outdated and not user friendly.

MERS needed a modern and stylish eCommerce site. They were also looking for ways to tell their brand story through web content. Firstly, we worked together to create a brand story that would connect with the brand’s audience. Then we developed a stylish eCommerce site that introduced MERS to the online world. Website redesign attracts more users from target audience since website launch.

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