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“Your scent is your signature.”

With over 12 years of experience in the perfume industry, Gloria Perfume collected hundreds of luxury perfume recipes and created a collection of the most popular luxury perfumes in the world by using premium ingredients.

Gloria Perfume was selling their products online, but their website design did not capture their brand identity. They needed a modern and stylish eCommerce site. They also wanted to tell their product story more clearly through effective copywriting.

We redesigned the website visual concept that represented Gloria Perfume’s premium ingredient-based products. Each product’s content was created based on the formula of its premium ingredients. We delivered a brand-new digital presence that gave Gloria Perfume more of a refined look, enhanced the customer experience and appealed to customers on a widespread scale.

From website visual design to digital advertising, social media management to photo shoots, we are proud to be able to showcase Gloria Perfume’s unique products.