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“Establishes Sports Facilities”

ReformSports offers durable and reliable floor solutions in international quality for all sports fields. ReformSports that was founded in 1994, has been one of the leader companies in its sector not only in Turkey but also in the world. While celebrating its 26th anniversary, Reform Group is continuing its activities in 97 countries.

ReformSports needed to modernize their website and information architecture. The old website had a complicated site structure and customers missed out on their products. The four sites were each originally created for a different language; therefore, multilingual capability was the primary challenge. They wanted to attract more customers with their website. ReformSports needed the right digital growth agency to take their vision and mission.

Adopting the Google rule book on technical SEO, ReformSports website was built from the ground up. WordPress Multisite has enabled us to clone the website for multiple language variations. We designed a dynamic, user-friendly and modern multi-language website for ReformSports. Our custom illustrations and 3D designs accelerated the website design. The brand has gathered under one roof with its new face, raising the awareness rate. The company’s social media accounts and campaigns were also adapted with the same visual language to create a conceptual integrity.

We implemented the best practices of SEO to increase exposure and visibility and drive qualified traffic to the site. We developed an integrated inbound strategy that helped ReformSports practice increase leads and reduce their paid advertising costs. From social media campaigns, to a responsive website, and from Google Ads to social media management, each and every customer touchpoint has been designed to deliver outstanding sales together with customer loyalty and referral streams.

ReformSports proof that with the right SEO and Google Ads strategy, any brand can achieve stellar search engine exposure. ReformSports received a 716% increase in overall web traffic within four-months of combined SEO and PPC activity. Since working with us, ReformSports’s return on investment progressively improved throughout 2019.