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“Honeymoon Wishes”

Whether your honeymoon dream is to stay in a beach house in Maldives, go glamping in Australia or hit up bed-and-breakfasts in London, Hediye Balayı will help couples turn those dreams into reality. This innovative online honeymoon gift registry platform will operate like a crowdfunding site. By acknowledging modern couples have various needs and desires, the registry platform will enable couples to register for everything from airline tickets to hotel stays and unique experiences.

As well as a fully customizable online funding system, the company needed a system that provides all the functionality necessary to help individuals with the opportunity to make monetary donations.

Having identified the need for an innovative web-based system, we are creating a sophisticated custom software with an elegant interface and rich interactive features. Through a crowdfunding platform, our solution will give the couples the ability to reach out the funding of their honeymoon gifts. We are happy to be working with Hediye Balayı in its brilliant project.