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“Just the best”

BM-39 is an online eCommerce retailer in Ukraine. BM-39 product categories include women lingerie, hosiery and socks and sportswear for Ukrainian online buyers.

Newly established company needed a well-designed logo to build the brand. They wanted to start an eCommerce business in Ukraine.

The final BM-39 logo is a combination of pictorial mark and custom lettering for the brand name. “Shopping cart” shape, which tells the audience what the company is doing, was chosen to be used as a logomark. The logo colors were inspired by the colors of Ukrainian flag. The final colors of the logo determined the color scheme of the website.

We designed a clean and modern multi-language website from the ground up for building supreme online store that was focused on user experience. With the clean layout and easy navigation, the visitors would find the products they are looking for quickly and easily.

BM-39 is planning to launch the eCommerce website in 2021. We still provide website maintenance and updates. We also support the company’s online marketing strategies.

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